Kindergarten Corner


In this letter, I'd like to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten and tell you a little about myself, and my goals and expectations for the upcoming year.

My name is Sandy Ching and I've been teaching for 20 years (whoa, I surprised myself after doing the calculations), the last 4 being here at Soto Academy as our Kindergarten teacher. I am a graduate from Chaminade University having earned my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy not being in the classroom :). Or even on the island for that matter! I love having the opportunity to travel with friends and family whenever time allows and this year I am fortunate enough to have two trips in the making: Japan in December, and New York and Washington D.C. in March. Busy, busy, busy...

But enough about me...

During our first week of school, I had the pleasure and opportunity in getting to know each student and their personalities. Let me just say that I've realized that we are like one big melting pot of characters :). Every student is unique in their own way, and EVERYONE has something to offer and bring to the table. I LOVE IT!!!

The daily rules and routines, following of directions, along with our daily assignments, served as a good assessment tool to see where each child's strengths are. As the school year progresses, I will be setting realistic and attainable goals for each student while instilling confidence, and continuing to nurture your child's enthusiasm and love towards learning. My philosophy in teaching has always been that it is a partnership between school and home. Reviewing material that is covered in class sets your child up for success by strengthening/reinforcing their aptitude in areas such as math and language arts. Practice, practice, practice, not only helps your child retain the material, but it also changes the mindset of your child in understanding that learning is important; if it matters to you (as their family), then it will matter to them. Learning is lifelong and an ongoing process. Learning does not stop when the school bell rings at the end of the day.

What can I say, human beings in general are fueled by praise and encouragement. If we are all our child's biggest cheering crowd, and we instill in them that we believe they can conquer anything if they put the effort in to it, how can they not feel like successful individuals?

Let's start WORKING TOGETHER in providing a strong and solid foundation for your child to build upon; academically and socially, and make magic happen this year!

Here are a few FYI:

  • Birthdays: If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday in school, you may bring a special treat that will be shared during lunch time. There are no restrictions on what you can bring but please remember that we have a NO PEANUTS POLICY (I guess we do have one restriction).
  • Absences: If your child will not be in school, please call our office at 533-0452 to let our secretary know. You may also email me, but please understand that I do not check my email regularly during school hours. If you would like to pick up any missed work, please let our secretary know and homework may be picked up after school.
  • Trips/Vacations: If you would like to take along work that will be missed, please let me know as soon as possible.

With that being said, let's kick this Kindergarten year off with a bang and work together to make this year a fun-filled, productive, and most of all-a memorable one!

Thank you,

Ms. Sandy Ching

*Please feel free to reach me at any time if you have any questions: